Licenses issued by NBC

Title Company NUIS Number Status Relise date Documents
Primary medical and/or dentistry services LN-7736-04-2014 Aktive 01/04/2014  Shiko
Simple environmental permit Gjoka K31531602H PN-4948-04-2017 Aktive 19/04/2017  Shiko
Professional fishing at sea Ylber Kazazi L22716801N PN-3213-03-2012 Perfunduar Afati (30/03/2017) (30/03/2017) 30/03/2012  Shiko
Security service of persons, objects and activities " J + B " SH.P.K K63717402H LN-6700-08-2013 Perfunduar Afati (05/08/2017) (05/08/2017) 05/08/2013  Shiko
Expertise andor professional services linked to forests or pastures "GJEDRA" J62904131J LN-0123-07-2009 Aktive 16/07/2009  Shiko
Primary production "GJEDRA" J62904131J LN-7371-01-2014 Aktive 27/01/2014  Shiko
Simple environmental permit "GJEDRA" J62904131J PN-7181-04-2014 Aktive 29/04/2014  Shiko
Wholesale of food-stuff of animal origin (for human use) "INBES" J74304607H LN-4753-03-2012 Aktive 07/03/2012  Shiko
Production of andor trade in seeds and seedlings "MUCA - 2006" K77606101B LN-8064-05-2014 Aktive 30/05/2014  Shiko
Environmental permit “D - AMA” L68120901O PN-5982-11-2017 Aktive 08/11/2017  Shiko

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